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The ICSA Foundation

The I.C.S.A Foundation (Intelligence Culture and Strategic Analysis), a non-governmental body, is a centre of analysis and of cultural processing that intends to deal in innovative ways with security, defence and intelligence issues.
Its mission is to analyse the main aspects of national and foreign security issues, the evolution of military defence models with respect to external threats, the increasing criminal and illegal phenomena in Italy and abroad, including cyber and technological security of the State and its individual citizens, especially in light of economic, financial and legal globalization.
The President of the Foundation is the Right Hon. Marco Minniti. 
The Secretary General is Paolo Naccarato; the Vice-Secretary General is Giovanni Santilli; and the Administrative Secretary Lieut. Gen. Leonardo Tricarico. The Scientific Committee, composed of academic and professional personalities with outstanding expertise, both national and international, in defence, security and intelligence matters, constitutes an essential organ of the Foundation.



“…in the era we are living in, the concept of security is central to the development of society and world economy. Considering the increasing political, social and economic globalization, security issues must be addressed with a more systematic, multidimensional and complex approach.
We will commit our energies to ensure that the ICSA Foundation becomes a conceptual focal point for national and international institutions and administrations dealing with security, defence and intelligence issues…”

Marco Minniti

Marco Minniti